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About SIA

The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) was formed in 2008 to promote the benefits of wood-burning stoves and biomass appliances. The SIA is an association of stove manufacturers and distributors, wood fuel suppliers, flue and glass manufacturers and test approval bodies like Kiwa.
In 2019 the SIA expanded to form the SIA Retail Group of independent stove and fireplace retailer who support the SIA Retail Group pledge to promote the latest low carbon, low emission, Ecodesign Ready appliances, and to provide first class sales and technical advice to customers backed up with continuing after-sales support.

With an ever expanding list of members, the SIA is able to represent the stove industry with government departments such as Defra and BEIS, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Government. These government departments, local authorities and other regulatory bodies recognise the SIA as the voice of the industry. They now regularly contact the SIA for the industry’s viewpoint.

The SIA represents the UK in CEFACD, the European stove association, which communicates the European stove industry view to the European Commission. The SIA is also a member of BioEnergy Europe and works closely with HETAS and Woodsure.
The SIA has established strong contacts with the academic community covering a number of universities and academics across the UK.

From the outset, the SIA has sought to inform the public and the government about the carbon saving benefits of wood burning stoves. The SIA has also successfully shown that modern clean burning stoves can reduce particulate emissions (PM) from wood burning compared to open fires and older wood burning stoves, through the Ecodesign Ready scheme.

The SIA Mission

“To promote and explain the benefits and environmental advantages of stoves as heating appliances.”

The objectives of the SIA are:

  • To represent to government the industry perspective on legislation affecting stoves and to promote the benefits and environmental advantages of wood burning stoves and fireplaces.
  • To emphasise that the members of the SIA commit to ensuring that their products meet the appropriate standards of quality, safety, efficiency and emissions.
  • To independently promote the nature of SIA members’ products and services and to advise the public on how they can assess the quality, safety and efficiency of these products.
  • To maintain an independently audited system to monitor stove sales trends in the UK.
  • To work with industry advisory and accreditation bodies to advise them of any issues which fall within their remit and are necessary to fulfil the objectives of the SIA.
  • To undertake any activity, including independent research, which will further the understanding of the advantages of wood burning stoves and fireplaces and their context in government future strategies and media coverage.

Meet the team

Find out more about the SIA operations team and officers

Consumer Advice

The SIA is here to help consumers with all things wood-burning stoves and biomass appliance related. From understanding the benefits of SIA Ecodesign Ready stove to the importance of using dry wood and a guide on how best to light the stove.

Clean Air Strategy

The government is not seeking to ban wood burning stoves. Instead it wants to ensure that consumers use the cleanest stoves and the cleanest fuel.

Ecodesign Ready Stoves

Look out for appliances carrying the SIA Ecodesign Ready Logo.

Ecodesign Ready Stoves have been welcomed by Defra, as a significant way to reduce emissions. Defra has included the Ecodesign Ready Scheme in its plans to improve air quality.

In order to secure this endorsement, the SIA has carried out independent tests to support / validate the industry viewpoint. The launch of Ecodesign Ready stoves, in Westminster, was sponsored by Neil Parish, Chairman of the Select Committee on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.