Benefits of a boiler stove

As well as models designed to just give localised space heating, there are also wood burning boiler stoves that provide hot water and heat your entire home with a complete central heating system. These back boiler log burning stoves can even reduce your home’s CO2 emissions!

Heat your home with a wood burning boiler stove

There are many benefits of a boiler stove. A wood burning stove can be linked up to your existing central heating system (run by oil or gas) to reduce your home heating bills, or it can even be combined with combi boilers, under floor heating or solar thermal panels to help make your home have a lower carbon footprint.

Some boiler stoves look like a familiar and traditional wood burning stove, no bigger than the same stove without a boiler as the boiler is sited inside the stove, while others you may think resemble a standard gas or oil central heating boiler.

But they both do the same job, transferring heat from the boiler to your domestic hot water, via a storage tank, where it can be efficiently piped through to where it’s most needed.

Heat produced by wood burning boiler stoves is normally measured in BTUs. And as a useful rule of thumb, you should allow 9,000-10,000 BTUs to heat hot water in the average sized home and around 4,000 BTUs to heat each individual radiator in your home’s central heating system.

The Stove Industry Alliance recommends that you should check the compatibility of your existing central heating system and your heating requirements with an appropriately qualified installer (for example a HETAS, OFTEC, NAPIT or APHC registered installer) before purchasing any boiler stove or heating stove.

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