Ecodesign Regulation for solid fuel space heating appliances

The Ecodesign Regulation for solid fuel space heating appliances came into force in the UK on 1st January 2022. All stoves manufactured from that date onwards must comply with the requirements of Ecodesign.

The Ecodesign Regulation (EU) 2015/1185 24/5/2015 sets standards for the efficiency and emissions of solid fuel space heating appliances. Appliances must meet the minimum efficiency levels set out within the regulation and must not exceed the emission levels standards set for:

  • PM – Particulate Matter
  • CO – Carbon Monoxide
  • OGC – Organic Gaseous Compounds
  • NOx – Nitrogen Oxide

Stoves that meet the requirements of the Ecodesign Regulation have been available for sale since 2017. The SIA led an initiative to encourage stove manufacturers to prepare early for the legislation and previously ran a stove certification scheme known as SIA Ecodesign Ready.

More recently it became clear that manufacturers could go further, with independent emissions and efficiency testing showing that many appliances could achieve a reduction in emissions and an improvement on efficiency far beyond what was required by Ecodesign.

In 2020 the clearSkies certification scheme was launched. Initiated by the industry through the SIA, clearSkies is an appliance certification scheme independently administered by Kiwa UK. The scheme is designed to drive the development of cleaner and more efficient appliances and it is open to all manufacturers of solid fuel stoves and fireplaces.

By choosing a clearSkies certified stove, you can be certain that it meets all the requirements of Ecodesign and, helpfully, all appliances listed as clearSkies Level 3 and above have also been verified as being Defra exempt to burn wood in a Smoke Control Area.

By choosing a clearSkies Level 4 or 5 appliance, you have the added peace of mind of knowing that you are using the cleanest possible appliance that performs at a superior standard to what is currently required by law. 

You can find out more about the scheme by watching the clearSkies explainer video.