Hunter Stoves Group welcomes Scott Mann MP to Camelford premises

Oct 12, 2023

Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall, joined Hunter Stoves Group at its Camelford development and production facility on the 6th October, for a behind the scenes guided tour and to discuss the consumer benefits of modern wood burning stoves. 

The Hunter Stoves Group facility in Camelford, is a centre for research and development running alongside the full-time production of one of the company’s  key ranges: Di Lusso wood burning stoves.

Colleagues from departments including operations, design, engineering, production, project management, and marketing were present, and they were joined by Andy Hill, Chair of the Stove Industry Association (SIA), the UK’s trade association for the wood-burning stove industry.

Scott and his colleague Rachel were guided around the many different processes that are employed in the construction of Hunter Stoves Group’s product range, including laser cutting, welding and paint spraying; seeing first-hand the care, innovation and attention to every detail that goes into their production.

The visit also provided the opportunity to discuss one of the common misconceptions about modern stoves; that they can’t be both efficient and eco-friendly.

Commenting on this, Andy Hill of the SIA noted: “It is vital to make the distinction between modern, Eco-design compliant stoves and older stoves and open fires.  Modern stoves are engineered to meet stringent environmental standards, reducing emissions by up to 90% compared to an open fire, and increase efficiency. Manufacturing members of the SIA, like Hunter Stoves Group, are committed to investing in both performance and environmental responsibility.”

Scott Mann MP said: “It was a pleasure to visit Hunter Stoves Group’s Camelford site and learn about the design and production of modern wood burning stoves. This is a brilliant example of how technology has been harnessed to address the important issues of air quality and sustainability in domestic heating.”

Neil Wynne, Operations Manager at Hunter Stoves Group added: “The Camelford premises is only one part of our overall business, but it is a pivotal cog, employing 11 North Cornwall constituents who come together as a small, yet robust community of passionate individuals. Operating in rural North-Cornwall, we recognise and appreciate the role we play in providing stable and meaningful employment opportunities and manufacturing appliances that provide low emission, low carbon, low cost and sustainable heating.”

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