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The SIA has produced a series of videos to help consumers understand the benefits of modern Ecodesign Ready stoves, the importance of using dry wood and a guide on how best to light your stove.

Cleaner burning fires & less emissions using Ecodesign Ready stoves

Demonstrating the importance of using Ecodesign Ready stoves for better efficiency and lower emissions.

SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves can cut particulate emissions by up to 90% compared to an open fire.

How to create the perfect fire using an Ecodesign Ready stove

Ecodesign Ready stoves provide a clean and highly efficient source of heat. Using wood dried to below 20% moisture content ensures less smoke and produces more heat.

Look for the Ready to Burn logo which guarantees this low moisture content. This video shows you how to quickly light your stove and keep it burning efficiently.

The Importance of sustainably sourced Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ firewood

The perfect fire needs the right wood to burn. Wet wood causes smoke and produces less heat meaning you use more fuel. Using dry wood with moisture content below 20% will minimise emissions and give a cleaner, hotter burn. DEFRA and the Stove Industry Alliance fully support the ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme whose logs are guaranteed to be less than 20% moisture content and sourced from sustainable woodland.

Both hard wood or soft wood can be burned but note that hard wood will give up to twice as much heat for the same volume. Dry fire wood is harvested and kiln dried as part of good woodland management and is fully sustainable.