SIA response to Mums for Lungs’ comments

Aug 25, 2022

SIA response to comments by Jemima Hartshorn of Mums for Lungs on BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast Show, 25th August 2022

Particulate matter comes from many different emissions sources including transport, agriculture, industry, transboundary such as wildfires and domestic. The government’s definition of “domestic sources of PM” includes the outdoor burning of garden waste and ALL forms of indoor domestic combustion, including open fires. Modern, Ecodesign compliant wood burning stoves specifically make up a very small percentage of the overall UK PM emissions, approximately 1.2%.

These modern, Ecodesign compliant stoves not only offer a very low carbon and low emission way to heat our homes, they are also cheaper to run compared to gas or electric heating, and are entirely independent of the energy grid. This gives the public a vital and viable choice in the way they heat their homes in the face of spiralling fuel bills and growing concerns of power cuts this winter.

Comparing the emission rates between wood stoves and HGVs only tells part of the story. Real-world use is very different and in fact a Euro 6 HGV will produce 13 times more PM2.5 emissions than an Ecodesign wood burning stove over the course of 1 week’s real-world use.

Every sector has a role to play in minimising air pollution and improving air quality in order to protect future generations. The stove industry is no exception and our members are fully committed to continuously developing appliances to further improve their efficiency and lower their emissions. A modern, Ecodesign wood burning stove, such as a clearSkies certified model, produces up to 90% less emissions than an open fire.

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