Wood burning stoves: A guide for local authorities

Apr 16, 2021

Wood burning stoves: A guide for local authorities

With the government’s stated intent on delegating greater powers to the local authorities to introduce their own clean air regulations and requirements, the SIA has put together this helpful guide to advise local authorities about the benefits of wood burning stoves and also the misconceptions surrounding them.

Within the guide you will find information on:

  • The many benefits of wood burning stoves including their low carbon, low emissions and sustainable fuel credentials
  • How wood burning for home heating can help to tackle fuel poverty
  • Combining a wood burning stove with other heating technologies
  • Health and wellbeing advantages
  • How to identify the best performing appliances
  • Ecodesign Regulations and what they mean
  • Defra exemption
  • What the stove industry is doing to help improve appliances
    • SIA Ecodesign Ready
    • clearSkies certification
  • How swapping open fires and older stoves with modern wood burning stoves can reduce particulate emissions by up to 90%
  • Explaining the common misconceptions about wood burning stoves
  • The importance of using the right fuel, ensuring the correct installation and making sure your stove is well maintained
  • Chimney sweeping & how often it should be done
  • PLUS, links to a range of SIA consumer advice videos.

The guide is available in digital PDF format. To download a copy please click here.

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