Woodburning stove sales remain strong

Oct 18, 2023

Sales of wood burning stoves in the first two quarters of this year remain strong according to the latest figures from the Stove Industry Association (SIA).

Total unit sales for the period 1st January to 30th June 2023 were over 86,300 and increased by almost 19% compared to the first half of 2022.

Sales data is collated from all SIA appliance manufacturing members and accounts for approximately 80% of total UK stove sales.

2022 was a particularly strong year for the UK stove industry with a 40% increase in total unit sales by SIA appliance manufacturing members compared to the previous year, with 2023 looking set to see similarly robust figures.

Andy Hill, Chair of the SIA noted: “There can be no doubt that stove sales in 2022 were boosted by consumer concerns over spiralling energy bills and, at the halfway point in the year, our data points to 2023 sales at least keeping pace with, if not exceeding last year’s. Average energy bills are still way above where they were two years ago and as we head into this winter the motivation for choosing a wood burning stove is still driven by cost, as well as a growing awareness of grid inefficiency.”

In addition to tracking unit sales, the SIA has monitored sales of Ecodesign compliant stove models as a percentage of the total since 2017, a full five years before solid fuel heating appliances were required by law to meet the energy performance and emissions standards of the Ecodesign Regulation. By the end of 2019 almost half (49%) of total unit sales were of appliances that already met the Ecodesign standards and by the end of 2021 79% of all stoves sold met Ecodesign.

An Ecodesign compliant wood burning stove produces up to 80% less particulate matter compared to an older, basic stove model and up to 90% less than an open fire.

Andy added: “Within a year of the Ecodesign Regulation coming into force on 1st January 2022 100% of all stoves sold by appliance manufacturing members of the SIA met Ecodesign. As the figures above clearly demonstrate, the stove industry is committed to the continuous improvement of its appliances. Addressing air quality and lowering emissions is a responsibility that our sector takes very seriously, and we will strive to further reduce emissions to ensure that consumers can maintain the right to heat their homes however they choose.”

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