SIA Ecodesign Ready Westminster launch

When the SIA Ecodesign Ready scheme was officially launched in 2017 as reception was held  in Westminster hosted by Robert Jenrick MP and Neil Parish MP, then chair of the Select Committee on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Simon Hoare MPSimon Hoare, MP

Speaking at the launch on behalf of Dr. Thérèse Coffey (Minister of State for Environment at the date of the launch), Simon Hoare, MP, said: 

The Ecodesign Ready brand will help the consumer easily choose those appliances that meet the most important standards required by the Ecodesign Directive.

The Ecodesign Ready brand is a great example of industry taking the lead to promote the benefits of more efficient and cleaner technologies and bringing them to the market. Ecodesign Ready stoves will help to cut air pollution.

Therefore, Defra and the Minister welcome this proactive approach.

Neil ParishNeil Parish, MP

In his speech Neil Parish, MP, said:

“What you, (SIA), are doing fits in with the world we have; we have problems in our inner cities with very high levels of NOx and particulates. Anything we can do to reduce that from open fires and others, through your stoves has got to be an absolute benefit.

“We also want to manage our wood land better. There is a lot fuel out there, a lot that can be used in the way of thinning and managing that woodland so much better.

“With a new wood burner not only are the emissions reduced you will get a great deal more heat from that wood; and of course, if you are burning less wood to get that heat you have got less emissions.


Pic 01: Robert Jenrick welcoming the audience.
Pic 02:  Phil Wood with Rupert Snook & John Tucker, Woodland Trust. Pic 03: Ed Henry & Morley Sage with Dr Gary Fuller, Kings College. Pic 04: Susie Willows of DEFRA & Jeremy Fry.

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