Energy efficiency & Ecodesign stoves

Great strides forward in stove design have resulted in modern Ecodesign stoves having an efficiency of over 80%, compared to an open fire at 25%.

Energy Efficient Ecodesign Stoves

Ecodesign compliant wood stoves must have a minimum efficiency of 75% compared with the current UKCA requirement of 65%. The difference in efficiency of Ecodesign stoves compared with open fires can be clearly seen in the efficiency label chart shown below.

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of the appliance also plays an important role in the amount of wood required, as shown in the diagram below. Significantly fewer logs are required in an Ecodesign stove. Saving the user money whilst also reducing emissions.

clearSkies certified stoves

There are over 320 appliances already certified within the clearSkies scheme from a range of well known stove brands.

Consumer Information

The SIA is here to help consumers with all things wood-burning stoves and biomass appliance related. From understanding the benefits of Ecodesign stoves, to the importance of using dry wood and a guide on how best to light the stove.