Benefits of stoves that comply with Ecodesign

The Ecodesign Regulation for solid fuel space heating appliances came into force in the UK on 1st January 2022.

The Ecodesign Regulation for solid fuel local space heaters became law in the UK on 1st January 2022 and was introduced to improve energy efficiency and reduce air pollution from solid fuel local space heating appliances. It covers wood and smokeless fuelled stoves and fireplaces, pellet appliances and cookers that use solid fuel.

Ecodesign sets new and tougher standards for appliance efficiency and emissions than current UKCA/CE marking requirements. The standards that must be achieved to meet Ecodesign vary depending on the specific type of appliance but in all cases they cover:

  • Minimum efficiency levels; plus
  • Maximum levels of:
    • Particulate matter (PM)
    • Carbon monoxide (CO)
    • Organic gaseous compounds (OGC)
    • Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

Any solid fuel stoves manufactured since the 1st January 2022 MUST comply with Ecodesign (EU) 2015/1185.

Manufacturing members of the SIA have been producing stoves that meet the lower emissions limits since 2017 under the SIA Ecodesign Ready label. In 2020 the clearSkies certification scheme was launched to help consumers identify stoves that meet and go beyond the requirements of Ecodesign with even further improved efficiency and a greater reduction in emissions. All clearSkies Level 3 and above stoves also comply with Defra smoke control area exemption requirements.

clearSkies is a fully independent appliance certification scheme, administered by Kiwa UK and open to all manufacturers of solid fuel stoves. The SIA recommends clearSkies as the certification scheme of choice.

In order to qualify for clearSkies certification a stove or fireplace has to have been independently tested by an approved laboratory and meet the emissions criteria set out within the Ecodesign Regulation. These test results are then verified by the clearSkies scheme administrator as part of the clearSkies certification process.


The clearSkies scheme has been welcomed by various government departments including Defra, Scottish Government and Welsh Government. A growing number of local authorities are also suggesting that households looking to invest in a wood burning stove or to replace and old, inefficient open fire, choose a clearSkies certified stove.  

Independent tests show that a stove meeting the requirements of Ecodesign, such as a clearSkies certified model, produces up to 90% less particulate emissions than an open fire. An Ecodesign stove will also use much less fuel than an open fire making them much more cost effective to run.

As well as meeting the requirements of Ecodesign, all clearSkies Level 3 and above models are certified as being Defra Exempt for use in smoke control areas.

You can read more about clearSkies here.

clearSkies certified stoves

There are over 320 appliances already certified within the clearSkies scheme from a range of well known stove brands.

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